Gtd Gmail

We're the GTD® app with true heritage (that's Getting Things Done, one of the world's best selling productivity books, for those not familiar):
  • We began life as GTDGmail, and later GTDInbox (pioneering email and task management in one place).
  • We launched as a Gmail extension way back in 2006 (we've been perfecting with your feedback ever since!)

"Mind like Water"

The essence of ActiveInbox, and even our mission, is to get things off your brain and let the system pick up the slack.

Everything In One Place

The Getting Things Done philosophy abhors wasting effort tracking things in different silos. ActiveInbox merges your email client and task manager into one tool, and is available for Gmail, iOS and Android.

And because ActiveInbox is super organizable, you can create any workflow you want - again, requiring less tools.

Easy Input

If your inbox is where tasks arrive, it's as easy as clicking a single button to say 'track this as a task'.