Freelancer Gmail

There's two things that are rather unique about the workflows of independent consultants:

  • Each client uses a different project management tool, and so from your POV, email is the most versatile way to communicate on projects. It's the center of your daily workflow.
  • You're just one person, and time is money - you simply have no interest in using multiple complex tools. The magic happens when everything is in one simple place.

ActiveInbox is that email and task management in one place, and ideal for helping you stay on top of everything and everyone.

Strengthen relationships by delivering on time

Never forget an important email or task, by giving it a Due Date reminder. Everything to do Today will be above your inbox.

Don't let them go cold on you, by tracking everything you send to follow up if they don't reply in 2 days.

Know your history with every lead, with a single click whilst you're writing an email.

Handle multiple clients and projects

You can create a folder hierarchy, with a folder for each client, and sub folders for each of their projects. (New to folders? Also check out creating or deleting folders in Gmail).

All emails and tasks can then be added to the relevant project folder for that client.

You can even sort your Today list by project/client to easily focus on everything. Or, in the same way, sort a project folder by due date or person.

Basically everything can be simplified into bite-size chunks so you can glide through your day!