Install ActiveInbox and
get Gmail under control

It turns Gmail into an effortless task manager to never forget an important email.

1. Add the ActiveInbox plugin to Chrome

Install ActiveInbox from the Chrome Web Store

A confirmation box might appear at the bottom of Chrome, click 'Continue':

After that, another box will popup asking for confirmation. Approve it.

You can also install directly from Chrome's Webstore.

1. Approve the ActiveInbox plugin for Firefox

Install ActiveInbox

You may see a security bar at the top of Firefox, click 'Allow' to continue:

A confirmation box will appear. Click Install to accept.

You can also install directly from Firefox Addons.

We're really sorry, but at the moment the Safari edition of ActiveInbox is unavailable, as the latest Safari update disabled a crucial mechanism it relies upon.

We hope we'll be able to fix it when a future update to Safari restores the mechanism.

Meanwhile, you can use ActiveInbox in Chrome (recommended) and Firefox.

1. Add the ActiveInbox plugin to Safari

2. Refresh (or open) Gmail

Go to Gmail

Everything will be set up for you to get started!

Sorry, we don't support your browser yet…

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