Gmail Executive Assistant

One of the most valuable ways you can help your boss is protecting them from the overwhelming onslaught of email.

But you don't need to suffer as well! With ActiveInbox, you can turn Gmail into an effortless task manager, and delegate them between you and your boss as you see fit.

Not already sharing your Gmail account?

ActiveInbox works best when you're both working in the same Gmail account (your boss').

You can do this safely with Gmail's Account Delegation.

Protect your professional integrity

You'll never forget anything important again. Emails can be treated as tasks with a due date reminder, and added to project folders (so you can rise above the flurry of 100s of emails, and get a fresh perspective over Gmail, seeing just a handful of project folders to be finished).

Your Today list is above your inbox, and can be sorted into manageable chunks so you can glide through your day.

Always follow up if you don't get a reply in 2 days. It's both impressive, and means you never waste time writing an email that doesn't get a reply.

Not 100% sure who someone is? Not a problem, when you're writing an email, you can instantly check all your communication history with a single click.

Delegate ownership between you and your boss

Create a new Custom Category called Users. And create a user for you, and for your boss.

You'll then be able to sort your Today list by User, to see just tasks you've assigned for yourself, and your boss can do the same.

A typical workflow would be for you to summarize the incoming email into Sub Tasks and Notes, then set the owner to your boss. They can do their tasks, and switch it back to you.

This back & forth can also be used to decide who will reply.