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Add Sub Tasks and Notes, to save time later

Once an email has been assigned to a Folder, a List or been given a Due Date, you can then add Sub Tasks and Notes to it.

Sub Tasks and Notes are useful for tracking extended tasks and projects where the title of the email doesn't always reflect the actual content.

You can instantly see the Sub Tasks when you reopen a long conversation, so you don't need to reread it; and you can use them to scan and pick things from your Task Lists more effectively.

Create Sub Tasks and Notes

  1. Open an email you'd like add Sub Tasks and Notes to
  2. On the right you'll see an empty window ready for you to add your first Sub Task
  3. Click next to the '+' sign where it says 'Add Sub Task' and type in a name for your Sub Task
  4. Add another in the same way if you like
  5. If you'd like to elaborate on these Sub Tasks to give them more context, find the empty Notes field underneath and click 'Click to add a Note'
  6. Type in your note and click Save
  7. Go back to the inbox and you'll see your newly created Sub Tasks and Notes in the review List, right underneath the relevant email

Re-order, remove or mark Sub Tasks as complete

  1. Open an email which has Sub Tasks associated with it
  2. To re-order Sub Tasks, hove the pointer over the right hand side so the three vertical dots appear, then hold down the left mouse button and drag the Sub Task into its new position
  3. To remove a Sub Task, hover the pointer over the right hand side where the three vertical dots are and then left click the red dustbin icon
  4. To mark a Sub Task as complete you can either hover over those three buttons again and select the tick or return to your Review List and left click in the empty circle next to the Sub Task to mark it as finished.