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For a single Gmail account

Gmail plugin and mobile

Full Feature Access

1 Gmail Account

$4.16 Per Month

(Paid annually)



A special offer for an individual with 2 or 3 accounts

Gmail plugin and mobile

Full Feature Access

3 Gmail Accounts

$5.83 Per Month

(Paid annually)



Ideal for any team

Gmail plugin and mobile

Full Feature Access

3+ Gmail Accounts

Team Admin Panel

1-on-1 Support for Team Leader

From $12.48* Per Month

(Paid annually)

*$4.16 each account per month



Gmail plugin and mobile

Full Feature Access

Unlimited Gmail Accounts

Custom Security Analysis and Setup

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Benefits for your Company

Protect your company's reputation. ActiveInbox ensures you never miss an email, helping you to deliver projects on time and serve customers better.

Free your employees to get things done. The control you get from ActiveInbox helps saving up to $10,000 per year per employee, by reclaiming some of the 8 hours a week they lose to information overload.

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Business applications of more than 15 accounts can contact for 1 on 1 support.

A 'must try' if you want to easily keep yourself on track in an undoubtedly busy world

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