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Right now, email is your task master

Our inboxes are just one big flow of unruly tasks, and task management tools are ‘just one more thing to think about’. They’re not the solution. In fact, sometimes they’re part of the problem.

We need to simplify.

Introducing ActiveInbox: One Tool to Rule Them All

Your world is full of major priorities, none of which should be your email. Maybe your aim is to make more time for family, friends or charity. Perhaps you’re keen to optimize your output to optimize your income. ActiveInbox helps you make time for what matters by elegantly combining email and task management in the place where tasks originate; the inbox.

Works Where You Do

With ActiveInbox there's no need to adopt yet another new system, no call to switch between software. It works where you spend the lion's share of your working day; in Gmail and on your mobile.

Say no to duplication. Know that everything is up to date.

Easy to Learn

With ActiveInbox, there’s no bells and whistles, no big learning curve. Just the sleek, constantly evolving functionality our users need. How do we know? We ask you, you tell us, we listen.

Together, we’re turning hard labor into a labor of love.

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Free Your Mind

The words of David Allen, the Getting Things Done® guru, "Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them".

ActiveInbox liberates your mind from the tyranny of your inbox, giving it the time and space to create. How? We’re so glad you asked…

Email is Dead? Yeah, right.

Sign up for ActiveInbox, take back control and say goodbye to the busy fool.

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A 'must try' if you want to easily keep yourself on track in an undoubtedly busy world

Richard Gaspar

Social Centiv

Come and join the conversation!

Mike Bracco


After just 1 day after implementing @ActiveInbox my email life has changed forever. Killer product & exactly what this inbox 0 guy needed

Erin Kroll

Temple University Health System

I can now sort through 100 emails in 10 minutes, putting them all in the appropriate category - I never lose track of anything anymore

Michele Engel


If, like me, email messages drive at least 80% of the decisions you make and tasks you have to carry out, the extension will make your life about 95% easier