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Send emails later, to arrive at the perfect moment

If you work unusual hours, want to hit an important contact at the perfect time for them to open it, or you simply want to buy yourself some time before a person replies back, you can ask ActiveInbox to send your email in the future.

Just click 'Send Later' and choose the time slot (ActiveInbox let's you choose a time at 15 minute intervals, and will send at some point in that 15 minute window. E.g. if you select 8:00, it'll be sent between 8:00 and 8:15).

Please note: ActiveInbox is not commercial marketing software and cannot be used for bulk email scheduling. Our system does not have the bandwidth - neither do any similar products, who limit you to 3 emails every 2 minutes. If you use ActiveInbox to schedule more than 300 emails at any one time we may block your send later feature.