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Use Custom Tags to get even more control

One of the main reasons that task managers rarely truly work for people is because everyone’s work flow is slightly unique.

With ActiveInbox, even though we try to keep you safe by hiding the fact when you first use us, everything is customisable.

By default, we have Due Dates, Lists and Folders. We call these ‘Types’, and you can add any Type you want.

For example, if you follow David Allen's GTD, you might want to create a Contexts Type, which means you'd be able to tag your tasks as for the Office, or the Car, or Home (a context is an environment in which you'll do the task). Not only can you tag a task with its Context, you can view all tasks for a given Context, or sort your Today list and folders by the Context.

Open Preferences

Click ‘Custom Types’ in the sidebar

Create a new one

The important thing to know is that in ActiveInbox, all your organisation (e.g. a list) is just a Gmail label. And to recognise the correct labels, ActiveInbox stores a prefix for each Type, and finds all labels that start with that prefix (e.g. all lists start with !). So when you create a new Type, you enter a name for it, and then a prefix.

Refresh Gmail

Create your first item for that Type

Create the ‘Tag’ dropdown, and then click + to add a new one.

Add an email to that Type

You can review Types from the inbox


  • At ActiveInbox, we share support@activeinboxhq.com amongst our team. To help make that manageable, we created a ’Users’ Type, and then items for Andy, Lisa, etc. This means that when an email comes in, if Lisa cannot answer it, she can mark it for Andy. And when Andy has responded, he can switch it back to Lisa to continue the correspondence.