Gmail Best Practices

(Part of our Organize Gmail Into An Effortless Task Manager guide)

We've combed some of the best minds on productivity, cherry picking the most universal ideas, to bring you a workflow for great communication that strengthens relationships and helps you work efficiently as a team.

It also reduces stress, because once everything is under control email becomes a calm environment that just helps you get things done.

(Of course, ActiveInbox is more than just a great email workflow: if you already live in Gmail, it will turn it into a GTD®-influenced task manager that'll help you run your life. Check out the Roles it's good for in the sidebar).

Achieve Inbox Zero while never forgetting a task in email

Be reminded to hit deadlines with Gmail Due Dates

Ensure people respond to you by tracking things you're Waiting On

Always know what to do next by adding To-Dos and Notes to emails and by ranking emails

Put emails into project folders to reduce the feeling of email overload

Get through emails faster with Focus Mode